Sphere, Citrine Mini 19-24mm

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Citrine is the name given to the yellowish/orange variety of Quartz that has inclusions of Iron. It can be found crystallized in any form that Quartz is found in. Its name derives from the Greek word meaning ????? that translates to Citron. Some of the most famous Citrine in the world comes from the Minas Geras region of Brazil followed by Sri Lanka and India. Lately, beautiful specimens have been found in Madagascar. However, this crystal can be found virtually everywhere.

Citrine's sunny attitude cultivates energy that is fertile for growth. It energizes the solar plexus chakra to radiate power, centeredness, confidence and endurance. Citrine is one of few stones that, rather than absorbing negative energy, clears it. It makes room for happiness and light so the spirit is open to positive possibilities. It may also assist in balancing emotions, and helping you to stay calm and see things for what they are . Can be good for detoxing the body as well as the environment.

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