Amazonite Tower, 3"

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3-5 inches
Amazonite is a variety of Microcline, also referred to as an alkali feldspar mineral. This crystal forms in small prismatic crystals, or large masses. The colors of Amazonite range from a deep blue, to Turquoise, to blue-green. Ancient civilizations such as the Egypt, India, and Mesopotamia used this stone. A special scarab ring made of Amazonite was found in King Tutankhamen’s burial chamber. Due to it’s forming in masses, many past civilizations used Amazonite as armor, talismans, amulets, trinkets, and writing slabs.

Amazonite soothes the nerves and dispels irritating and negative energies. It is a green or bluish green opalescent stone also known as microcline or green feldspar.  It’s found in many places around the world and has an extremely soothing effect on the brain, nervous system, and physical body.  It is believed to help filter and protect from electromagnetic pollution and negative energy of all kinds.  If your mind is polluted with toxic negativity, clean it up with Amazonite. Often, pain that we experienced in our past creates energy blocks in our present. This can manifest into a difficulty expressing yourself in relationships, or even into creative slumps at work. By flooding your heart and throat chakras with loving energy, amazonite opens you up to release that which has hurt you so you can better express yourself in every area of life. The serene energy of this stone also makes Amazonite a powerful heart chakra stone, helping to release toxic emotions and other unwanted energy from your heart space.

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