Amber, raw

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Amber is not a stone or crystal. It is organic matter composed mainly of botanic resins. These resins sometimes hold within them the fossilized bodies of insects that in ancient myth were believed to be alive and aid the user in amplifying amber’s solar energy. It has a hardness of 2.5 and sometimes mends to ones clutch. Amber holds within it purely solidified solar energy, the energy that nature depends upon to exist and expand. The planet Earth holds an incredibly close resonance with this solidified essence and will lend its wisdom to anyone with an affinity for it. The substance has been used in healing and energy work for millions of years dating back to the Middle Ages of Europe as well as Ancient Egypt and even Ancient Cretan times (2,000 B.C). Baltic Amber is known today to date back 30-60 million years ago, making this specimen a perfect vessel for truly ancient wisdom.

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