Blue Sandstone Heart

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3.25x3.5", 12 oz
The creation of sandstone and blue sandstone is still unclear to this day. Some crystal experts believe it can be traced back to the 17th century, to the Miottis of Venice. They were a family of glassmakers who supposedly invented the particular technique that resulted in the making of what we know today as sandstone.

This technique was secret until Pietro Bigaglia, another glassmaker artisan, made it available to the public in the 19th century. Meanwhile, others believe that sandstone originated in medieval times when it was forged and molded by monastic orders, which called it "monk's gold."

Technically speaking, both sandstone and blue sandstone are made of quartz sand that has been heated, melted, and then infused with other particles like copper, feldspar, manganese, cobalt, or chromium to give them their captivating and cheery colors.

Even though this crystal cannot be found in nature, its components are all naturally-occurring minerals, filled with beneficial properties that can have positive effects on your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

Blue Sandstone has the power to create new ideas, reconsider old thoughts and rearrange things. This is a useful gemstone when you want to stop past influences. This stone is good for empaths as it vibrates frequencies of new beginnings and balance and is associated with the throat chakra. This  stone encourages acceptance of who you are and helps one express their true authenticity. Motivation, Success, Positive Energy.

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