Botryoidal Hematite

Botryoidal Hematite

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Hematite is a common iron oxide mineral that can be found in the form of masses, botryoidal, tabular, and the rarest form, rhombohedral. This mineral, originally referred to as “Haematite” wasn’t officially discovered until 1773 by Jean Baptiste rome de I’Isle who removed the first “e” to make it “Hematite.” The name is derived from the Greek word for blood “haima” due to the color the mineral turns when ground to powder. Hematite is a very special mineral that was believed to be used by man 164,000 years ago. A small area south of Mossel Bay in South Africa has been excavated numerous times since 2000 and produced numerous artifacts dating back hundreds of thousands of years ago. Interestingly, an observation from one of the excavations was that of writing on a cave wall in a red powder substance. Through extensive research and analysis it had been confirmed that this powder was in fact Hematite. Hematite has also been found on Mars.

Hematite’s energy focuses on the body, and it teaches us to do the same. Rather than over analyzing due to stress or anxiety, use hematite to connect to your root chakra so that you can stay grounded and just be. Hematite is one of the most powerful grounding stones in the mineral kingdom, intended to root your body and mind back to Earth. This stone helps refocus your thoughts and actions into those that matter to you most while guiding you on the right path. It's a stone of attraction, much like that of a magnet. Hematite is constantly pulling down excess energy from your environment to help you use it towards your best interests. Once your focus becomes anchored to the Earth, Hematite shows you that anything you desire is achievable.

Botryoidal Hematite has globular formations that look like a bunch of grapes. Protects you from the ill-wishes of others. Helpful for travel, business, martial arts, legal issues. Excellent base chakra stone. Folk medicine: strengthens the blood! Botryoidal Hematite is associated with the root chakra and is a very useful and powerful  grounding stone. This stone has been known to help transform negativity into positivity. It is also a great stone for focus and conservation helping you be more productive. This can be used in your home as an aid to bringing soothing and calming energy into your living space. This is also good for meditation and crystal healing.

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